5 things I’ve learnt by moving away alone

5 things learnt moving away alone

In September 2016 I moved 250 miles away from home and family to be a live-in nanny. At the time I was taking a huge risk, moving to an area where I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know how well I would cope with it or even if I would cope with it. Two years later, it was time for me to leave that family and I’ve recently moved again. The whole adventure was a really valuable experience and I learnt so much about myself. Here are the five main lessons I learnt by moving away alone.

Moving away actually brought me closer to my friends and family

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, well it really does! When I traveled home for the weekend, I made sure to spend time with my friends and family, it made me appreciate them so much more.

My anxiety doesn’t have to hold me back

This is something I haven’t really discussed on this blog yet but from being a teenager I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. Between 2013-2016 I used to blog about my anxiety on another platform and it helped me immensely. I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to cope with being away from home and family because of my anxiety. The main worry was that I would be alone in my room having panic attack after panic attack. I did have panic attacks while I was living/working away but I worked through them and my anxiety didn’t hold me back. Also I realised that there is a difference between anxiety/panic and everyday stress, nerves and homesickness. I felt all of these emotions and that was ok, homesickness didn’t mean I would automatically have a panic attack, something else I had been concerned about.

I’m braver than I think¬†

During the whole experience I was really far out of my comfort zone. I grew so much and realised that I am capable of much more than I thought I was. I joined a few meetup groups to meet people and as a result of that I did indoor surfing, wake boarding, snowboarding, hovercraft driving, quad biking and jumped 125ft off the top of a wind tunnel!¬†Through all of that I realised I’m braver than I give myself credit for.

Meeting strangers gets easier the more I do it

The first meetup I went to, I was so nervous about introducing myself to a group of strangers that I almost turned around and went home. I’m so glad I didn’t! Meeting people for the first time, especially in groups, is scary but I found the more I did it the easier it was. I’m not an extrovert and I’ll never be a social butterfly but I was able to meet people and make friends through meet up groups.

Ultimately I’m a home bird but that doesn’t mean I can’t spread my wings!

The main thing I learnt is that although I loved the experience of being away from home, I feel miserable if I’m away for too long. When I was driving home for a weekend it was a 500 mile round trip! When I left that job and returned home, I knew that I wanted to work away again but I needed to be closer, for my own happiness. Just last week I moved away again to another job. The big difference is I’m now only a 2 hour drive away instead of 5! Its early days but I already feel much happier as a result.

Have you moved away alone? What did you take from the experience? Let me know in the comments below =)

Take care,

Hayley x


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