Autumn self care plan


Now that we are firmly into autumn, I thought it would be a good time to make a self care plan. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and cough and colds season is on its way. Self care is important any time of the year but personally I think it becomes more important over autumn and winter for 3 reasons:

  1. Cough and colds season. Its that time of the year when everybody seems to be coming down with something.
  2. Shorter days and longer nights. When the days are shorter and the weather is miserable we are more likely to feel down. Please note am I talking about winter blues in general and not seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which requires treatment and support.
  3. Its cold! As the temperature drops, its time to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

What can we do about it?

Stay warm

Firstly we can make sure we are staying warm. Adjust the heating so that it comes on just before you wake up. Wrap up warm when going outside. Cosy socks are great when the temperature drops at night, especially as body heat is lost quickest from the head and feet.

Eat well

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the smell of the air, the leaves changing colour and its the season of comfort food. Stews, casseroles, soup, I love them all! Its important to make sure we are getting enough nutrients and with a stew, soup or casserole you can throw pretty much any combination of protein, carbs and veg in and it will taste great. I recently bought a soup maker, so I’m experimenting with different recipes. I’ll post a few once I’ve got the hang of it!

Boost your immune system

This is something I discovered last year and it really worked for me. I work with children and used to be constantly picking up colds, coughs and flu, kids love to share… It used to start around this time of year and then I would be catching something on and off until the warmer weather arrived. Which in the UK is very unpredictable! Last year I was looking at ways to strengthen my immune system when I came across Sambucol black elderberry liquid. It helps support the immune system and it tastes really good too! I take two teaspoons a day for the first few days, then drop down to one teaspoon a day so that the bottle lasts longer. Apart from a couple of sniffles, I didn’t have any major colds, coughs or flu last year and I believe Sambucol was a part of that. I bought the pack of 3 below as that seemed to give the best value.

*Please note the link below is an affiliate link of a product I have purchased and use myself. Any purchases made through the link will give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Educating Hayley.*

Those are the three major things I am doing to help myself stay well over the colder months. Do you have a self care plan or any tips and tricks to stay well? Let me know below.

Take care,

Hayley x

Twin Mummy and Daddy


Bullet Journal weekly spread for beginners

A couple of weeks ago I explained how I use my bullet journal to plan for the week ahead.  I love using my bullet journal but I do remember how overwhelming it was at first. Seeing the stunning layouts on Pinterest (my bullet journal inspiration board is here) and wondering where to start. Which notebook/pens did I need and did I start with drawing a daily or weekly layout? To answer the notebook/pens question, any will do to get started. The supplies I use or have used in the past are linked further down the post. Any purchases made through those links will give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog.

Bullet Journal weekly spread for beginners

A simple weekly layout

I prefer to draw one weekly layout rather than daily pages. Its easier, I sit down at the weekend and draw out a layout that will get me through the whole week. I normally spread it out over 2 pages as shown in this post. For this post I’m going to draw a really simple weekly spread on one page, perfect for beginners! Just grab a notebook and a pen and copy me!

Level: Beginner


  • Very easy, perfect for a first attempt!
  • Quick to do
  • Can see your whole week at a glance


  • Not much space width ways in each box. A spread set over 2 pages would provide more room.

  You will need

    • A notebook. Any will do but my instructions will be easier to follow with a dotted notebook. This spread was drawn as an example in my old Bullet Journal by Leuchtturm1917. These days I use a Lemome journal. Both are linked below.
    • A pen. Any pen or use a pencil first if you prefer. I use micron pens, this spread was drawn with the 03 pen from the set linked below.
    • A ruler.
    • Washi tape. Optional, I used washi tape to add a bit of colour but it works fine without it too. The autumn leaves tape I use on this spread is part of the washi tape set linked below.


  • First up, turn to the page you will be using. From the top of the page count four dots down and mark the first dot on that row with your pen.
  • Follow the row all the way along and mark the last dot on the same row.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and mark the first and last dot on the bottom row.
  • Join the four dots together using a ruler to make a large box. Now flip your notebook sideways.
  • If you are using washi tape, roll a length across the top of your box. Now your page should look like the picture below.

  • Now we are going to make 7 sections, one for each day of the week. Starting from one side of the page count 5 dots along then draw a line from your washi tape (or top line) to the bottom line.
  • Do this until you have 7 sections. There should be 4 dots inside each column with a line on either side. Look at the photo below for reference.

  • Now write the day of the week at the top of each column. I put the letters between dots 2 and 3 to keep them centered. You now have a section for each day of the week! All that’s left to do is fill up our schedule.

  • I’ve added a few things as an example. The bullet points are tasks. Turn the dot into a cross when it is completed.
  • Triangles are appointments. Shade the triangle in when it is done.
  • Circles are events. Shade the circle in once it has passed.

So there you have it! One quick and easy weekly layout. Hope its helpful for someone out there. If you want more step by step bullet journal posts, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do.

Take care,

Hayley x

One week later: Sleep habits

*Please note this post contains affiliate links of products I have purchased and use myself. Any purchases made through those links will give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Educating Hayley.*

A week ago I posted about trying to change my sleep habits. Staring at the ceiling for half of the night isn’t fun! One week later I thought I would check in and share what’s working and what isn’t.

 The first little change I made was to stop drinking caffeinated tea and coffee after 4pm. This had previously been 6pm but I recently read this article stating that caffeine stays in our system for up to 6 hours after we drink it. I’m putting that to the test so now its decaf only after 4pm. I’m not sure I’ve noticed much difference with this one to be honest. Annoyingly I haven’t been falling asleep any earlier. I’m going to change things up a bit and start drinking a cup of herbal tea before bed to see if it helps relax me. I like chamomile tea but don’t drink it very often so I’m going to slot it into my bed time routine and see if it makes a difference. I’m also going to put a drop of lavender essential oil on my pillow for the next week to see if that does anything.

I’m a light sleeper so noise and sunlight from outside easily wakes me up. I have blackout curtains but the light still keeps poking through so I rather nervously ordered myself a sleep mask. Why nervously? I don’t like having things around my head or on my face while I’m sleeping so I haven’t tried a sleep mask before. I imagined them to be restrictive and I’d heard horror stories about them giving you blurry vision the next morning from where the mask has been pressing against your eyes. That would definitely freak me out because I suffer from migraines and blurry vision is one of my early warning symptoms, that and pins and needles on my tongue (weird right?). After a bit of online searching I chose this one on Amazon from Bedtime Bliss.

My main reason for picking the Bedtime Bliss mask was the hollow eyes design. It doesn’t press on your eyelids and you can open your eyes or blink while wearing it but no light gets in as long as its pulled over your nose properly. I was surprised by how soft and comfortable it is, it doesn’t feel restrictive at all and can be adjusted at the back. My problem is that although the mask is soft and very lightweight, I’m not used to having anything on my face. Also because it takes me so long to get to sleep, I flip around a lot changing positions and often pull the mask on and off as I’m doing this. What I’ve started to do is sleep with the mask in bed next to me. When I’m in a comfortable position and feel like I’ll doze off soon, I pull the mask on. If it starts to annoy me, I take it off but keep it beside me. When the sun starts to wake me up, I pull the mask on and go straight back to sleep, which is great because it normally takes me a while to doze off again once the sun comes up. Sometimes I can wear it all night with no problems and when I am wearing it I sleep through the sunrise, result! The more I’m wearing it the more I’m getting used to it so hopefully soon I’ll be able to wear it straight through every night. It also comes in a little cloth bag with a set of earplugs. I haven’t tried those yet but might build up to it!

So to recap, there are 3 things I’m going to try for the next couple of weeks;

  1. Keep wearing the sleep mask.
  2. Drink herbal tea before bed.
  3. Put a drop of lavender oil on my pillow

Do you have any tricks for a better night sleep? Let me know in the comments.

Take care,

Hayley x

My Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

putting together autumn capsule wardrobe

Before I start, I want to add a quick disclaimer. This will not be your typical capsule wardrobe post with stunning photos of gorgeous clothes that look like they have been lifted straight out of London Fashion Week. Sorry to disappoint, my fashion photography skills and general dress sense are not (and never will be…) up to that level. But before everyone closes their browser windows, here are 3 reasons to stay:

  • If you have considered building a capsule wardrobe yourself but don’t know where to start. Maybe you have looked into it before but got confused or discouraged with how many pieces of clothing you are allowed or articles that say you must have a black pencil skirt. Speaking from personal experience there…
  • If you want to see how a capsule wardrobe can work in day to day life. Because there isn’t a set formula that will work for everyone. What works for you will depend on your job/hobbies and what you get up to in an average week. I can show you what I have done but that doesn’t mean it would work for you, its all about tweaking it for your individual lifestyle.
  • If you are reading right now thinking “What is a capsule wardrobe???” I’ll do my best to explain, bear with me.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is when you narrow down your clothing choices to just pieces that fit, are good quality and most importantly, that your love wearing. At some point everyone has stood in front of a stuffed wardrobe and said “I have nothing to wear!” or worn the same few outfits over and over while ignoring all the other options. Sometimes too many options can feel paralyzing, there is such thing as too much choice. A capsule wardrobe takes the stress out of getting dressed because instead of choosing from 30 tops, (some which don’t fit and some which still have tags on that make you feel guilty every time you look at them…) you are choosing from a handful of tops that you like and know definitely fit.

I first came across the idea of a capsule wardrobe while reading about Project 333. The idea behind Project 333 is that you choose 33 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories (not including underwear, pajamas or gym clothes) to wear for that season, 3 months. Head to the website linked above for more information. I loved the idea of sorting through all my clothes and keeping only items that I loved and that I knew I would wear that season. Don’t worry, clothes for other seasons are packed away for later, not binned! I followed along for a few months but life happened and slowly more clothes crept in.

Starting over

Lately I’ve been  a bit down about the state of my wardrobe. It isn’t as bad as it was before I tried Project 333 but there is room for improvement. This time I’m not focusing on numbers and I’m making sure that whatever I end up with will work for me. The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is to make your own life easier, so if you are thinking of giving this a go yourself, watch out for these 3 pitfalls;

  1. Comparing yourself to everyone else. Especially if their lifestyle is nothing like yours. It’s easy to over compare and feel like you aren’t doing it right or that your capsule will never be as good as *insert fashion blogger here* Remember this is to make your life easier.
  2. Must have pieces. Articles with titles such as “10 must have pieces for your capsule wardrobe” will tell you to buy a pencil skirt/chambray shirt/blazer. If these are the kind of things you wear at work/weekends/everyday life then go ahead and buy them. Just remember they are only “must have” if they fit in with your lifestyle.
  3. Obsessing over numbers. With Project 333 I found that 33 items was doable and a good starting point for me. In other articles or websites it might state a different number as the perfect number. Basically there is no perfect number, don’t worry if yours is higher or lower than somebody else.

I spent an hour or so going through my clothes and removing anything that didn’t fit, had holes in it or that I simply don’t wear. Next I boxed up all my summer clothes, won’t be needing those for the foreseeable future! I whittled down until I was happy that what was left in my wardrobe was suitable for autumn, comfortable and clothes that I enjoy wearing. Here’s a quick run through. Remember the disclaimer at the top of the page about my photography skills…

My Capsule Wardrobe

  • 3 pairs of jeans: 2 mid blue, 1 dark blue (not pictured)
  • 3 bags: 1 cross body (hanging in photo) 1 giant black rucksack and 1 smaller silver/grey rucksack (not in picture)
  • 4 T-shirts: 2 navy, 1 blue/white patterned and 1 terracotta.
  • 1 navy cardigan.
  •   3 long sleeved tops: 1 terracotta, 1 navy/white stripe and 1 mustard (not pictured)
  • 1 long sleeved check skirt.
  • 3 jumpers: 1 cream patterned, 1 blue striped and 1 blue/grey hearts.
  • 1 black leather jacket.
  • 1 blue hoody.
  • 3 pairs of shoes: Sketchers, boots and sandals. To cover all weathers! Kept downstairs on shoe rack so not in photo.
  • 1 blue wool coat.

Taking stock

I admit I wear a lot of blue and navy! The jackets/coats aren’t pictured as they are hung up in the coat cupboard. When I finished I counted everything up and was surprised that it is only 24! I thought for a while about choosing/buying more to add in but I’ve decided not to at the moment. Firstly because I’m not focusing too much on numbers and I don’t feel like there’s anything missing right now. Secondly because I may add some thicker jumpers as the weather turns colder and my birthday is coming up in November. My family tend to buy me clothes so my wardrobe will probably grow then. The bottom line is I don’t see the point of adding more clothes right now for the sake of it. I can add if/when necessary.

The other thing I should make clear is that this is just my day to day wardrobe. In the other side of my wardrobe I have a small selection of smarter clothes for interviews and a couple of dresses for parties, weddings, christenings etc. I don’t count these because I so rarely wear them but I need them for special occasions. Also I’m lucky that I wear my everyday clothes to work and don’t need a separate work wardrobe.

So that’s my autumn wardrobe sorted. Do you have a capsule wardrobe or would you consider it? Let me know in the comments.

Take care,

Hayley x


Goals for October

October already? I shouldn’t complain, autumn is my favourite season. I would much rather wear a cuddly jumper and curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book than sunbathe in shorts and a crop top. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when its sunny up to a point but once I get too hot I feel frazzled and grumpy. This summer was crazy hot so although I was very happy to get a decent tan, I’m inwardly celebrating that colder weather is coming!

I’ve been having a think about what I want to achieve in October. The blog is still a baby, just nine days old so I want to focus on being consistent with posting and growing an audience. So its not just me sitting here chatting to myself! Problem is I don’t know what a challenging yet still realistic target would be, I’m very much learning as I go along. Which is good in a way because that was the whole premise of Educating Hayley in the first place! However it does mean I’m a bit clueless at the moment…

Blog goals

  • Post at least twice a week
  • Get to grips with Twitter and Pinterest
  • Have 500 site views over the month

Habits goals

I’m keeping my focus on better sleep and how much caffeine I’m drinking. I also want to get back into reading, I don’t make time to sit and read a book anymore. Time to change that.

  • Keep tracking sleep and caffeine intake in my bullet journal
  • Stick to no more than 3 caffeinated drinks a day
  • Finish reading at least two books

Planning goals

I’m making this month the month of organisation! Moving to another city is imminent,  as soon as I secure a job I’ll have to pack up and drive to Yorkshire. At the moment its a waiting game. I hate waiting games! But if I can get the majority of my things sorted out and ready to go then that’s one less thing to worry about.

  • Pack up anything that I don’t need right now, summer clothes etc.
  • Make a page in my bullet journal for everything that needs doing before I move.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter!

I’m going to make that do for this month. Hopefully I can reach all these goals and set bigger ones next month. I also hope to have moved by then but I have no guarantees. What are your goals for October? Let me know below =)

Take care,

Hayley x

Changing habits: Sleep

I wish I could be one of these people who puts their head on their pillow and fall straight to sleep. I’m not one of those people. At all. I can lie awake for hours before finally dozing off and I’m such a light sleeper that little things such as sunlight or noise from outside can wake me up.

The issue

At the moment is that I’m between jobs. Up until recently I was working long hours as a nanny. I lived with the family I worked for so I would work until 7/8pm, go up to my room, shower and fall asleep not long after. This kind of worked for me, I was exhausted enough to fall asleep quickly instead of staring at the ceiling for half of the night.

Long story short, I finished my time working for that family and returned home with a couple of promising interviews lined up. The plan is to get a job in a city a bit closer to home but this time renting a room in a house share so I have a better work/life balance. The promising interviews didn’t come through so I’m still at home trying to secure a job. With my routine gone, my sleep pattern has screwed up and I’m back to staring at the ceiling at 2am.

Something has to change

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how to sleep better. They tend to all give similar advice; limit caffeine, keep the room cool and dark, no screens before bed, read, go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every day etc. I’ve experimented with a few of these before so I know that going to bed and waking up the same time doesn’t work for me. Not when I don’t have a job forcing me to get up at the same time every morning. When I’ve been awake at 3am and my alarm goes off at 8.30 I don’t have the will power to drag myself out of bed unless there’s somewhere I have to be. I grumpily turn the alarm off and have another hour or two.

The plan

For the last few days I’ve been using my bullet journal to track how much caffeine I’ve been drinking. I’m now down to 2/3 cups a day and I drink only decaf after 6pm. However a few of the articles I’ve read, including this one from the website states that caffeine can take up to 6 hours to leave your system so I’m going to change this to no caffeine after 4pm.

The next thing I’m going to try is a sleep mask. I have black out curtains but still get woken up by the sun poking through in the morning. I did a bit of searching on amazon and found a sleep mask with great reviews, so I bought it and will be trying it out over the next few days.

Those two steps might not sound like much but I’m hoping they will have an effect. The next thing I’m going to do is come up with an evening routine but I still need to dig into that a bit further. If anyone knows any good blog posts or tutorials for making an evening/bedtime routine, please send the links my way =)

Take care,

Hayley x


Changing habits: Caffeine

We’ve all been there. Its a busy day, you’re rushed off your feet and fueled almost entirely by caffeine. Pick your poison; coffee, tea, energy drink? My personal low was gulping half a bottle of energy drink at 7.30am… the sugar rush was great for about 20 mins but it was all downhill from there. I don’t even really like energy drink so I must have been desperate. Also before anyone asks no, I wasn’t hung over but I must have been feeling particularly sleep deprived!

The problem

I can’t get going in the morning without a cup of tea, for many people its coffee but the feeling is the same, that need to drink something to wake us up. Recently I saw an article that stated that people who drink 6-8 cups a day of tea or coffee are likely to be dependent. It suddenly made me think, how many cups of tea do I drink a day? One first thing in the morning, then another when I eat breakfast. One with lunch and one with dinner obviously and usually one before bed. I thought “That’s not too bad, 5 over a whole day is nothing.” But over the next few days I started to pay more attention and realised that drinking tea with my meals was just the start.

A coffee when I’m out shopping with a friend. A cup of tea and a biscuit when I call in to see my grandparents. Every time I come home from wherever I have been, what is the first thing I do after taking my coat off? Put the kettle on. I realised that its easy to misjudge how many cups of tea or coffee we are drinking because it is so deeply ingrained into our daily routine. Normally I switch to decaf after dinner but I’m still firmly in the 6-8 cups a day bracket.

The benefits of cutting down

There are many benefits for decreasing our dependency on tea and/or coffee including:

  • Better sleep. It’s well known that caffeine messes with our sleep patterns. On an unrelated note, watch out for my next “Changing habits” post. Wonder what it could be…
  • Better mood. Too much caffeine can make us jittery, grumpy and generally moody.
  • Save money. The cost of grabbing a drink when you are out and about or on the way to the office soon adds up.

I’ve decided enough is enough so as I explained in my last post, I’m using my Bullet Journal to make a note of how many caffeinated drinks I’m having a day. I’m alternating with decaf and trying to stick to 3/4 regular cups of tea or coffee a day. I’ve been doing this for a few days and so far so good. I haven’t experienced the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. I don’t know at the moment if cutting down the way I am is going to make a big difference to my sleep pattern and mood but there’s only one way to find out. I’ll check in in a couple of weeks. Do you drink a lot of tea and coffee? Have you lowered your intake or considered it? Let me know in the comments.

Take care,

Hayley x



Planning for the week with a Bullet Journal

Its no secret that I’m not naturally a super organised person. I wish that I was because life feels so much easier with a bit of order. One thing that has really helped me in the past is a bullet journal. When I had it in my bag I felt in control because I knew that all my to-dos, events, appointments and shopping lists were right there. When life was hectic and my brain was frazzled, my trusty bullet journal would be there to keep me right. Over time though the habit slipped and eventually stopped altogether. Now feels like the right time to bring it back, especially now that I’m going to be tracking habits and trying to simplify my life.

What is a bullet journal?

Its a system for keeping track of dates, tasks, appointments and pretty much anything else you want to keep track of. Designed by Ryder Carrol as a quick and simple way to log information, it can be as simplistic or as complicated as you wish. The original tutorial, filmed by Ryder himself is below and explains how it works and how to set your journal up.

As the idea of using a bullet journal spread and became more and more popular, some of the more artistic users adapted the daily, weekly and monthly pages to suit themselves. This resulted in the beautiful and creative spreads that are all over Pinterest and Instagram. Have a look on my Pinterest board if you want a few examples.

What I love about the Bullet Journal is that you can adapt it to suit your needs. I wish I was capable of producing the beautiful pages on my Pinterest board but I have neither the time nor the artistic ability. Below is how I use my bullet journal and how I’ve adapted it to work for me.

My Bullet Journal

Please excuse the flash mark on the above photo, I had some lighting issues. I must add photography to my list of skills to improve. If anyone knows of any good online tutorials or courses, please send the links my way and I’ll look into it soon! I use a dotted notebook for my bullet journal as that’s what I prefer but any notebook will do, especially if you are just starting out and learning what works best for you. I use weekly spreads instead of dailies, the reason for this is I draw out my spread at the weekend and then its ready to go for the whole week. Once I found a design that worked for me I stuck with it and after a few weeks I could draw it out in autopilot in about 10 minutes. Possibly less, I’ll have to time myself one day!

I lay out the days of week in the top part of the page. I like this layout because my whole week is in front of me, I can see what I have to do on which day, when my appointments are etc. The bottom part of the first page is my meal tracker. Lets zoom in a bit.


Going down the grid are the days of the week. Along the top are Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. The last column with the badly drawn teacup symbolizes how many caffeinated drinks I have had that day. I don’t normally drink coffee so I’ve always thought that my caffeine intake was fine but I drink a lot of tea. When I started counting how many cups I was drinking a day I was shocked to find that it was often 6+. So I’ve started alternating with decaf and aim not to drink more than 3 regular cups of tea a day. In each little box I jot down what I have eaten that day. It keeps me accountable so I can’t eat lots of rubbish and pretend it didn’t happen, we’ve all been there… If I eat it, its getting written down.

I’ve just restarted bullet journaling but I’m already feeling more in control just by having a place to note everything down. I might tweak the layout over the next few weeks but for now its working well for me. Do you use a bullet journal or do you have a different way of planning your week? Let me know below.

Take care,

Hayley x

First steps

Every plan has to start somewhere. The problem I have is I normally do too much, too fast and get burnt out and frustrated. In my first post I came up with a list of skills and habits that I think (and hope) will make my life easier. Now I’m trying to come up with a proper plan instead of the “flying by the seat of my pants” style I normally go with. For each goal I’m going to take a couple of little steps to get me started. At the moment I’m between jobs and once I get a job I’ll be moving to another city a couple of hours away, so it makes sense to start putting things into place now before life goes manic again. Plus in the meantime it gives me something to focus on, I’m not used to having so much spare time!

Goal 1: Learn how to plan and prep meals ahead

Once I start working again, the plan is to have work lunches and dinners ready to go. If it’s waiting for me to heat and eat, I will. Have you ever had a decision to make, not an important one, something trivial like what to wear or what to eat and felt completely overwhelmed by choice? Might just be me but sometimes making a choice is the exhausting part! If my meals are already prepped, I don’t have to think about it. “This is what I’ve prepped so this is what I’m eating”. There’s no temptation to order a takeaway or binge on something unhealthy because the quickest and easiest option is right in front of me. While I’m waiting to move I want to try out some recipes that I think would work well for meal prepping. Work out what I like and what I don’t so that when life gets crazy again I know what my favourite recipes are and how to cook them. I’ve also recently bought a soup maker. Is there anything better than a mug of hot soup on a cold autumn day? Plus if I make it myself I know exactly what is in it, so I’m going to get to grips with using that too.

Little steps:

  • Learn more about meal prepping. Read blog posts, watch videos, look through cook books and magazines.
  • Choose a few recipes and try them out. Discover what works and what doesn’t.
  • Get acquainted with my soup maker.

Goal 2: Declutter, organise clothes and make a capsule wardrobe

Lately it feels like I just have too much stuff! A couple of years ago I tried out the idea of a capsule wardrobe and it was great but when I moved away for work the habit slipped and the clothes crept back in.

Little steps:

  • Declutter room. Bin or donate anything I don’t have a use for.
  • Sort clothes. If it doesn’t fit or I haven’t worn it for over a year then it has to go.
  • Make an autumn capsule wardrobe. Box away all my summer clothes and choose what I’ll be wearing this season.

Goal 3: Get back into the habit of using a Bullet Journal

There’s a blog post about my bullet journal coming soon. I used a bullet journal every day for over a year and it was brilliant! One week at the beginning of the year I stopped, I don’t even know why but once I stopped I found it really difficult to start again. I didn’t want there to be a random gap in the dates, as silly as that sounds and the longer the gap became the harder it was to restart. So I’ve bought a new notebook and I’m starting afresh.

Little steps:

  • Set up bullet journal and get going again!

Goal 4: Make a budget and shop smarter 

This one is more in the research stage at the moment. I’m living at home while interviewing but once I secure a job and move away a budget will be essential. I’m looking for a bit of inspiration.

Little steps

  • Research! Read blogs, articles and websites to learn more about how to set myself a budget that will allow me to save for my big goal, a house deposit.

Do you give yourself little steps to work towards big goals? Let me know in the comments =)

Take care,

Hayley x

Never be afraid to try something new

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Life is busy and complicated. I’m not complaining, it would be kind of boring otherwise. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of learning something new and if what I learn could help make life feel less busy and complicated, then even better! My main flaw is that whenever I have a brainwave and think “I’m going to do this/learn that!” I get overexcited, try to take on too much too fast and end up quitting, through either frustration or burnout. Or both in equal measure. Ever been there? Enthusiasm is good but I’ve come to realise that planning and organisation are crucial too. Throwing myself head first into something without really knowing what I’m doing is exciting at the time but in the end, unlikely to work out.

That is the purpose of this blog, to help me keep on track with what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It’s a place to talk honestly about what I want to achieve, what’s working, what isn’t and what I’m going to do next. I have lots of goals and ideas floating around but almost all of them fall into three themes. I want to save myself time, money and effort.

Time. It’s something that you can’t buy and for most people, including myself, there never seems to be enough of it! I hope that by working on skills that improve my time management, I’ll have more time for the important things.

Money. My never ending quest to save for a house deposit. I’m doing my best but there’s always room for improvement. I’m a single buyer and don’t have a high income. I’m a nanny by trade, which I love and wouldn’t want to change any time soon, however childcare generally isn’t a well paid profession. It just means I have to save harder and look for more inventive ways of scrimping or  earning extra money. Like I said earlier, I enjoy a challenge, which is good because getting a mortgage in my circumstances will be a big one!

Effort. If a habit or skill can make life easier then fantastic. However often to save time and money you need to make an effort. That’s why effort is my third category because at the moment time and money are my priority.

I decided the best way to add a bit of order was to get everything out of my head and onto a scrap piece of paper. I sat for 10 minutes just scribbling down every idea that came into my head. Skills I want to learn, habits I want to make (or break!) goals I want to pursue, things that I want to research in the future, basically dumping everything out of my head and onto paper. When its all laid out in front of you its so much easier to group things together and make sense of everything. When I was done I had 3 main goals, 2 areas I want to research more into and a few skills and habits that I clustered together based on type.


  • Save for a house deposit: Not much more needs to be said about that, I need to save and earn as much as I can if I ever want to be a homeowner.
  •  Learn new skills: The whole reason I’m starting this blog is to teach myself new skills that will hopefully help me out with reaching my other goals.
  • Feel more organised: I just want to feel like I know what I’m doing and that my life isn’t disorganised chaos basically!


  • Meal plan, meal prep and eat better. I’ve grouped these 3 because they all tie in together. I want to plan what I’m eating, prep beforehand so its easy to grab and go and that should mean eating better as a result.
  • Declutter, organise, make a capsule wardrobe. I have done all 3 of these before a couple of years ago and I was very happy with the results. Unfortunately then life happened and the clutter and clothes slowly crept back in. I’m going to try again but change my approach so that this time the habits stick.
  • Make a budget, shop smarter. I want to get a better understanding of how much I’m spending, what on and find ways of spending less.
  • Bullet Journal. I used to adore my Bullet Journal. It went everywhere with me in my bag and I always knew what I had to do that day and what was coming up that week. But then once again, life happened, habit slipped and then stopped completely. I plan on writing a full post about this soon and starting up my bullet journal again, I actually felt like an organised adult when I had one!


  • Mindfulness
  • Forming habits

I plan on researching the above topics as they are both things that I’ve had an interest in for a while.

So that’s why I’m here! Feel free to join me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. In tomorrows post I’m going drill down into what I want to achieve in different areas and make an action plan! Have you taught yourself a new skill recently? If you could choose one new habit that would change your life, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care,

Hayley x