My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Its beginning to feel a lot like spring around here. The sun is out, daffodils and bluebells are blooming and I even spotted a couple of lambs today! I’ve been really looking forward to making and sharing my Spring Capsule Wardrobe as part of my March goals for my Life Balance Project

Before I get into it I want to add the same disclaimer from my first capsule wardrobe post. This will not be your typical capsule wardrobe post with stunning photos of gorgeous clothes that look like they have been lifted straight out of London Fashion Week. Sorry to disappoint, my fashion photography skills and general dress sense are not (and never will be…) up to that level. But before everyone closes their browser windows, here are 3 reasons to stay:

  • If you have considered building a capsule wardrobe yourself but don’t know where to start. Maybe you have looked into it before but got confused or discouraged with how many pieces of clothing you are allowed or articles that say you must have a black pencil skirt. Speaking from personal experience there…
  • If you want to see how a capsule wardrobe can work in day to day life. Because there isn’t a set formula that will work for everyone. What works for you will depend on your job/hobbies and what you get up to in an average week. I can show you what I have done but that doesn’t mean it would work for you, its all about tweaking it for your individual lifestyle.
  • If you are reading right now thinking “What is a capsule wardrobe???” I’ll do my best to explain, bear with me.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is when you narrow down your clothing choices to just pieces that fit, are good quality and most importantly, that your love wearing. At some point everyone has stood in front of a stuffed wardrobe and said “I have nothing to wear!” or worn the same few outfits over and over while ignoring all the other options. Sometimes too many options can feel paralyzing, there is such thing as too much choice. A capsule wardrobe takes the stress out of getting dressed because instead of choosing from 30 tops, (some which don’t fit and some which still have tags on that make you feel guilty every time you look at them…) you are choosing from a handful of tops that you like and know definitely fit.

I first came across the idea of a capsule wardrobe while reading about Project 333. The idea behind Project 333 is that you choose 33 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories (not including underwear, pajamas or gym clothes) to wear for that season, 3 months. Head to the website linked above for more information. I loved the idea of sorting through all my clothes and keeping only items that I loved and that I knew I would wear that season. Don’t worry, clothes for other seasons are packed away for later, not binned! The system I use these days for my capsule wardrobe is based loosely around Project 333. I only keep what I love and know I will wear that season but I don’t stick to the number 33. My last capsule wardrobe started with 24 pieces in October and ended this week with 28 pieces. I added some thicker jumpers and a warmer coat to get me through the winter months. Also I had to replace 2 pairs of jeans that both got holey knees in the same week (?!) but apart from that my capsule wardrobe remained the same from October-March. I didn’t feel the need to make a new capsule for winter, in England the Autumn/Winter months are very similar. In other words, cold and wet! Here’s a quick run through of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Remember the disclaimer about my photography skills…

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of denim shorts
  • 1 pair black leggings
  • 1 tartan skirt
  • 2 long sleeve tops
  • 3 t-shirts
  • 2 longer dressier tops to wear with black leggings
  • 5 vest tops
  • 1 black leather jacket
  • 1 blue hoody
  • 1 thicker coat/jacket
  • 3 pair of shoes. Sketchers, sandals and boots.   
  • 1 rucksack
  • 1 black over shoulder bag

Taking stock

This capsule feels a lot brighter than my last. A lot more colour and not as much blue and navy. I have 27 pieces in total and hopefully I’m covering all weathers. Spring in England can mean anything from snow to glorious sunshine! The other thing I should make clear is that this is just my day to day wardrobe. In the other side of my wardrobe I have a small selection of smarter clothes for interviews and a couple of dresses for parties, weddings, christenings etc. I don’t count these because I so rarely wear them but I need them for special occasions. Also I’m lucky that I wear my everyday clothes to work and don’t need a separate work wardrobe.

So that’s my Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Do you have a capsule wardrobe or would you consider it? Let me know in the comments.

Take care,

Hayley x

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6 Replies to “My Spring Capsule Wardrobe”

    1. Thanks Soph, I just know that if I stuck to neutral tones I would get bored straight away and I seem to suit darker/brighter colours. I look so washed out when I wear pastels! Go with what makes you happy, only person who has to wear your capsule wardrobe is you =) x

  1. I love all the Spring colours and prints shown in the photos. I’ve been looking at capsule wardrobes myself but my clothing items seem to be mostly navy blues at the moment.

    1. Thanks Kim =) My Autumn capsule was mostly blue and navy, its a little brighter this time. As long as its clothes that you love and feel happy wearing, it doesn’t matter if they are all one colour. Thanks for visiting =) x

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