Life Balance Project: Week 4

If you are thinking “What on earth is a Life Balance Project?” Please read this post before continuing.

January is starting to draw to a close and February is within sight! The first month of my Life Balance Project was a bit of an experiment, I have never tried something like this before. I had the ideas in my head but I didn’t know how they would play out in the real world. So far I’m really happy with how things are going and I’m looking forward to starting my February goals on Friday.

Life Balance Project: Week 4

Here is a quick reminder of my goals for January and the reasons behind them:

Well being: Attend yoga once a week

Before Christmas I started a yoga class but only managed 2 sessions before it finished for the holidays. I’m going to restart and go at least once a week. The issue with working shifts is that I can’t consistently attend exercise classes, groups etc. Luckily this class is at a yoga studio and there are many different classes so I should be able to attend once a week. It just won’t necessarily be the same class or instructor.

Relationships: Attend 2 meetups

I’m using to meet new people and find clubs/activities that I enjoy. I have joined a lot of groups but the next step is actually getting out there and meeting up! I’m aiming to attend 2 meetups, bonus points if they are from different groups! After all, the more different meetups I go to the more people I will meet.

Personal Growth: Establish routines

I’m especially interested in making a night time routine that helps me get a good night sleep and be organised for the next day. I also hear a lot of good things about morning routines and waking up a couple of hours early to have time to focus on yourself. The problem with that is again I work shifts and my day shift start time is 6.30am, there is absolutely no way I’m getting up at 3am! Maybe I could make a morning routine for the days when I’m off or start later. I think the reason I want to make routines is I’m craving a bit of stability. I love my job but its the first time I’ve worked various day/night/weekend shifts and it messes with my head a bit. Often I forget what day it is and I would love a bit more order to my days.

Money: Sort out finances

This goal might sound a bit broad but basically I’m going to go through all my bank statements, cancel any subscriptions I don’t use and see if there’s a better current account I can switch to. I’m preparing myself and my bank account for the upcoming months goals.

Organisation: Try time blocking

I’ve read a lot of articles on Pinterest lately about time blocking and I really want to try it for myself. Maybe it can provide some of the order and routine that I’ve been craving?

This weeks progress

I finally made it to a yoga class but my goal of going once a week was dashed before January had even got going. I really enjoy yoga and I am still going to go to classes when I can. Moving forward though, I might start doing a home yoga practice. That way it doesn’t matter what shifts or days I’m doing at work, I can fit it around me.

This week I attended my 6th meetup for January! Honestly, I’ve shocked myself. I’m not a social butterfly, I’m a rather shy and socially awkward caterpillar and always have been. I think the difference is that everyone at the meetups is open to meeting new people and wants to be more social. Everyone is really friendly too which definitely helps! I’ve smashed my goal of attending 2 meetups and will definitely keep attending regularly once the month is up. 

I’ve found an evening routine that seems to be working for me. It took me a while! The issue I had was that my work schedule is different every week, some nights I’m at home and others I’m sleeping at work. I needed to create a routine that would work no matter where I am. I think I’ve found it and a post is coming over the next couple of days. In the end I decided not to swap banks as I’m happy where I am and I couldn’t find a new account worth switching to.

Last stretch and soon we will be into February! How are your January goals going? Let me know in the comment below =)

Take care,

Hayley x

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12 Replies to “Life Balance Project: Week 4”

  1. Gosh, 6 meetups in one month?! That’s amazing! I wish I could do that but I get really drained in winter months so at the moment the sound of that terrifies me.

    I love this idea of a ‘life balance project’ and it’s something that I need to implement in my life as I often obsess over one thing and totally disregard my other hobbies. This month has been all about blogging and it’s kind of draining and made me miss doing art!

    1. I think if I’d said “I need to go to 6 meetups this month” I would have been really overwhelmed but I managed 2 in the first week so just kept going. I’m finding the life balance project is helping me feel a lot more balanced because I’m focusing on different areas at the same time. You could always make February your month of art to make up for it lol! Thanks for visiting =) x

    1. The thing is I would probably describe myself as an introvert too but this has really worked for me. Have you got any favourite channels for the youtube videos? There’s so many I don’t know where to start! Thanks for reading x

    1. Thanks Sophie =) Yes its still a learning curve with my work routine, it’s my first time working shifts like this. The meetups have been a huge success, I have one more before the month is up. I’ll definitely be continuing with them in the future. Thanks for visiting x

  2. Yay! I’m glad you made it the yoga class and you enjoyed it 🙂 I know what you mean about the classes though, sometimes it is hard to find something that fits around your schedule. I really enjoy doing YouTube Yoga and find that Yoga With Adriene is a great channel to use, she has videos for everything and can easily fit into your day. Also wow, 6 meetups, you are smashing that goal, go girl! You are inspiring me to check it out, socializing makes me feel anxious, but it’s great that everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Thanks for sharing your update Hayley, you are doing great! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thanks Bexa, I’ll go check out Yoga with Adriene, sounds perfect =) Definitely check out meetup if you want to start socializing more, walking into the first one is the scary part, it gets easier after that. I’m thinking of writing a guide to using but not sure if I would have to ask for permission from the site or anything first? Thanks for visiting =) x

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