Life Balance Project: Week 11

If you are thinking “What on earth is a Life Balance Project?” Please read this post before continuing.

The last week has gone by in a bit of a blur. I definitely need to get more organised in day to day life. I might have to change next months Organisation goal to focus on that! Anyway, moving on, below is a quick reminder of my goals for March.

March Goals

Well being: Have a spa day

Both my Mam’s birthday and Mothers Day fall in March so I’m planning to book us a spa day as a treat. My ever changing work schedule could scupper this goal, so if we don’t manage to go to the spa in March itself, I’ll at least book it for a later date.

Relationships: Reconnect with old friends

Since I moved cities for work, I don’t see my old friends as much as I used to. This month I want to make sure to spend some time with them.

Personal Growth: Make my Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Its actually sad how much I’ve been looking forward to this goal! My Autumn Capsule Wardrobe lasted me through winter with the addition of a couple of thicker jumpers. Now I’m going to reassess what worked, what didn’t and make my spring capsule wardrobe!

Money: Start working on an extra source of income

The days and times that I work change constantly but when I’m working during the week I have a gap in the middle of the day. I’ve decided to set up as a dog walker to give myself some extra security… and because I love dogs and can’t have one of my own right now. It’s a work in progress but I’m really hoping it will take off. Time will tell!

Organisation: Spring clean and declutter

I’m going to declutter and thoroughly spring clean my room! Anything that I don’t need or never use will be going!  

This weeks progress

Decluttering is just about done. Last week I changed up my room and this week I’ve been going through drawers and little bits I missed. Is there anything more satisfying than a neat and tidy room?

My dad has announced that he will pay for me and my Mam to have a couple of nights away in a spa but that I need to organise it. Result! It isn’t booked yet but I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of places. Also because of our work schedules, we will now be going in April but I’m going to book it this month.

I’ve had a lovely weekend with an old friend catching up over dinner and drinks. I’m also promising myself that I won’t wait so long before doing this again! 

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe is well underway. This week my trusty blue winter coat fell to bits, so I’ve found a replacement. I hope it lasts as long as my other one, I’d had it at least 5/6 years! A post going through my spring capsule is coming soon =)

I’ve still posting flyers and trying to advertise my dog walking services. I haven’t had any success yet but I’m hoping it will take off soon.

Here’s hoping!

Take care,

Hayley x

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