Life Balance Project: Week 10

If you are thinking “What on earth is a Life Balance Project?” Please read this post before continuing.

But wait, what happened to week 9? Well the honest answer is I focused so much on posting my Life Balance Project goals for March that I completely forgot about that week’s update until half way through the next week. Whoops! Maybe I should change my Organisation goal for the month to concentrate and get my shit together manage my time and weekly tasks better. Or maybe that can be one of next months goals. Anyway, moving on, below is a quick reminder of my goals for March.

March Goals

Well being: Have a spa day

Both my Mam’s birthday and Mothers Day fall in March so I’m planning to book us a spa day as a treat. My ever changing work schedule could scupper this goal, so if we don’t manage to go to the spa in March itself, I’ll at least book it for a later date.

Relationships: Reconnect with old friends

Since I moved cities for work, I don’t see my old friends as much as I used to. This month I want to make sure to spend some time with them.

Personal Growth: Make my Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Its actually sad how much I’ve been looking forward to this goal! My Autumn Capsule Wardrobe lasted me through winter with the addition of a couple of thicker jumpers. Now I’m going to reassess what worked, what didn’t and make my spring capsule wardrobe!

Money: Start working on an extra source of income

The days and times that I work change constantly but when I’m working during the week I have a gap in the middle of the day. I’ve decided to set up as a dog walker to give myself some extra security… and because I love dogs and can’t have one of my own right now. It’s a work in progress but I’m really hoping it will take off. Time will tell!

Organisation: Spring clean and declutter

I’m going to declutter and thoroughly spring clean my room! Anything that I don’t need or never use will be going!  

This weeks progress

Starting at the top, I’ve been comparing a lot of spa days and overnight stays but haven’t booked one yet. As its going to be a birthday/mother’s day present I’m trying to gauge which my mam would like the best. She knows we are going to do a spa trip but I’m going to surprise her with where we are going. No pressure to pick a great place then! If anyone has any recommendations for reasonably priced spa days around Yorkshire or Northumberland, do let me know below.

I’m in the planning stages of catching up with an old friend. Hopefully this will be happening towards the end of March, when our schedules line up!   

At the end of February/beginning of March we had a few days of gloriously sunny, warm weather. Inspired to start designing my spring capsule wardrobe I very optimistically packed away all of my thick jumpers… It was snowing all day yesterday. The jumpers have been unpacked and I’m back where I started! I’m going choose a couple of my favourite jumpers to stay in my spring capsule because you never know what British weather is going to do next!

I ordered some flyers to hand out advertising my dog walking services. I’ve split my local area into sections and I’m posting my flyers through letter boxes, one section at a time. No takers yet but its still early days!

I had a big clean of my room the other day and moved a few things around to make it look tidier. I filled one bag for charity and another bag of rubbish and my room feels a lot bigger now! I still have a few drawers to sort out but I’m really happy with the results!

How are your goals for March going? Let me know below =)

Take care,

Hayley x

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