Life Balance Project: Week 1

If you are thinking “What on earth is a Life Balance Project?” Please read this post before continuing. 

So Christmas and New Year passed in a blur and here we are ploughing through the first week of January. The first few days of January I found myself feeling really motivated! Maybe its the whole “New Year, new me” vibe. Did anyone else experience this? As I write this post I can feel that its starting to wear off but I’m impressed that this “New Year energy” lasted as long as it did!

My Life Balance Project posts have had a really positive response so on top of starting my January goals this week, I’ve also been thinking about the best way to document my progress. I’ve decided to post a weekly update every weekend. That way I can keep track of my progress and anyone who’s interested can see how I am doing. So strap in because there’s another 51 of these posts to come! 

Here is a quick reminder of my goals for January and the reasons behind them:

Well being: Attend yoga once a week

Before Christmas I started a yoga class but only managed 2 sessions before it finished for the holidays. I’m going to restart and go at least once a week. The issue with working shifts is that I can’t consistently attend exercise classes, groups etc. Luckily this class is at a yoga studio and there are many different classes so I should be able to attend once a week. It just won’t necessarily be the same class or instructor.

Relationships: Attend 2 meetups

I’m using to meet new people and find clubs/activities that I enjoy. I have joined a lot of groups but the next step is actually getting out there and meeting up! I’m aiming to attend 2 meetups, bonus points if they are from different groups! After all, the more different meetups I go to the more people I will meet.

Personal Growth: Establish routines

I’m especially interested in making a night time routine that helps me get a good night sleep and be organised for the next day. I also hear a lot of good things about morning routines and waking up a couple of hours early to have time to focus on yourself. The problem with that is again I work shifts and my day shift start time is 6.30am, there is absolutely no way I’m getting up at 3am! Maybe I could make a morning routine for the days when I’m off or start later. I think the reason I want to make routines is I’m craving a bit of stability. I love my job but its the first time I’ve worked various day/night/weekend shifts and it messes with my head a bit. Often I forget what day it is and I would love a bit more order to my days.

Money: Sort out finances

This goal might sound a bit broad but basically I’m going to go through all my bank statements, cancel any subscriptions I don’t use and see if there’s a better current account I can switch to. I’m preparing myself and my bank account for the upcoming months goals.

Organisation: Try time blocking

I’ve read a lot of articles on Pinterest lately about time blocking and I really want to try it for myself. Maybe it can provide some of the order and routine that I’ve been craving?

This weeks progress

So what progress have I made this week? I have signed myself up for a yoga class on Monday. None of the classes were running this week so I’ve had to skip ahead to next week.

On Thursday I went to a meetup and had coffee and a lovely chat. On the subject of meetups, I’ve signed up for another 2. One is with the same group to go and have coffee and cake next week. You can never have too much coffee and cake in my opinion! The other is to go out for dinner with a different group at the end of the month. That would mean I’ve completed my goal of attending 2 meetups but why stop there? I’m going to see if I can double my target to 4 meetups. With being new to the area, going to different places and meeting new people can only be a good thing!

I haven’t started my night time routine yet. I’m still in the planning stages, deciding what is important for me and realistically what I can fit in. If you have a night time routine, do let me know in the comments. I love reading them, feel free to link a post if you have one about your evening routine.

I have written a very basic time blocking schedule for today and I’m doing my best to follow it. Today is an experiment and a first attempt so I won’t be posting it. Instead I’m going to use it to see what works for me and then implement what I’ve learnt into my second attempt.

Next week

Next week I am expecting more coffee and cake, a second attempt at time blocking and I’m going to have a good look at my bank statements… Yay. Maybe even more coffee and cake would make that job more appealing!

Take care,

Hayley x

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22 Replies to “Life Balance Project: Week 1”

  1. You’ve made really good progress on your 2019 goals! Yoga is great. I haven’t been to a class in ages but I’d really like to get back into it. These meetups sound a lot of fun! Especially when cake is involved!

  2. Sounds like you started the year well! I find most things better when coffee and cake are involved. I had all the best intentions of working on a routine and getting up earlier this week…then I got ill and slept in 3 days in a row. I think my new year progress is on pause until I shift my illness x


    1. Sorry to hear that Sophie! Its rubbish when something comes along and derails your plans. I pulled a muscle in the top of my leg and had to skip yoga this week so I know the feeling. Hope you are feeling better, onwards and upwards! X

  3. I love reading other peoples goals, it gets me so motivated and there are some I could definitely work on this year too, good luck with yours! If you need a good current account get in touch if you’d like me to recommend you for a nationwide one (we’d both get £100!)

    Soph – x

    1. Thank you Soph =) Unfortunately I’ve had a nationwide account before and its only new customers or I would have taken you up on that! Thanks for visiting x

  4. Hayley, once you’ve attended a few classes, you’ll be able to do an exercise routine on your own at home in addition to your weekly class. Daily time on the mat first thing in the morning is a major part of my self-care routine, which also includes careful eating. You invited us to link to posts about our evening routine, and this one is part of mine: Been doing this for nearly a year now and will do it for the rest of my life.

  5. Routine is everything to me. I really struggle mentally and emotionally if I don’t have a routine. I also work shifts, so it’s hard to sometimes find the balance socially. However the waking up early routine, I do at night time. Having 2 kids and work means I need to be super organised finding what works best. I plan the clothes, lunches, basically my every step I will do when I wake up in the morning. Makes life much easier. Best of luck and enjoy the class x

  6. Sounds like a fantastic start to the year Hayley! I agree, you can never had too much coffee and cake! I’m trying to get into a good routine too, at the moment my night time routine is relaxing in the bath then going to bed. I’d like to fit in some reading too but at the moment all I want to do is sleep, ha ha. I hope you enjoyed your yoga class on Monday and hope you are having a lovely week, looking forward to read your next update <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thanks Bexa =) I know the feeling of just wanting to sleep lol. The yoga class didn’t happen, I pulled a muscle in the top of my leg during the weekend. Really annoying cos now I’ve failed that goal before I even started! But never mind, can only get better right? Thanks for visiting xx

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