December goals

Its beginning to feel very festive around here! I’m really looking forward to spending a few days at home with my family over Christmas. Time to set my goals for December but first a quick look at my goals from November:

  • Explore my new city and get settled in: I’m starting my new job next week so I have a few days to explore and settle in first. Complete, I feel like I’m really starting to settle down and I love my new city!
  • Book a yoga class: My housemate/landlady gave me a leaflet for a yoga studio. She has been before and enjoyed it and kindly thought it might be a good place for me to meet new people. I have had a few yoga sessions in the past and I’m keen to start up again! Complete, I’ve been for a few sessions now and plan to keep going!
  • Join another exercise class: This is another part of “Operation meet new people and do new things” I discovered an exercise class where adults play playground games such as dodgeball, british bulldog and capture the flag in a local park, then go to the pub after. I’m liking the sound of that! Not complete yet. I’m signed up for my first session on Sunday.
  • Meal prep: I’ve been trying out some recipes and having a go at mini meal preps during October (I’ll be posting about that soon!) Now that I’ve moved away and I’m going to be working long hours I want to get into meal prep properly! Complete, I’ve been trying out different recipes and have a few food based posts to write soon.

Goals for December

  • Have a restful Christmas with friends and family. Enough said =)
  • Get on top of writing and scheduling posts. With my recent move, starting a new job and life in general I’m now writing posts on the day the are going out. Not good! I want to get back to having posts scheduled a week in advance.
  • Set myself a budget.  Time to work out my expenses and see if I can shrink them!

So that’s mine, what are your goals for December? Let me know below.

Take care,

Hayley x

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  1. Love that you set monthly goals, think it’s actually been a few months since I set mine! That being said, I am spending this evening setting my business goals and will be setting my personal goals next week some time.

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